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Terrence a character in Pet Society. He is the owner of the Boutique, formerly known as the Cash Shop.

In-game description

In a whirlwind of fanfare and aplomb the Cash Store and its owner Terrence, collector of ancient and rare artifacts and adventurer extraordinaire (retired), has arrived! With an incredible selection of the rarest and most exquisite items, pets and their owners are guaranteed to be captivated by Terrence's amazing wares, and with good reason! Each and every item is hand crafted from the finest materials available by the most skilled of carpenters, sculpters and painters. Many of these extraordinary items have special magical properties and all will surprise and delight with their exquisite beauty. Any pet seen carrying a package from Terrence's shop instantly becomes the talk of the town such is the high regard his amazing stock attracts.

After a harrowing ordeal when his motorboat was upended by a particularly angry hippopotamus in Mozambique, Terrence decided to hang up his adventuring boots and pursue the altogether safer pastime of starting a cash store in Pet Society. Being a traveller at heart, he's still known to make trips around the world to locate the finest goods for his store, but to this day even just hearing the word hippopotamus sends him into a cold sweat.

Terrence will talk at length of his many adventures to anyone who'll ask, and will gladly furnish those with even a passing interest with a cup of Assam tea and a tour around his expansive personal collection of exotic objects, each of which are apt to prompt Terrence to take on a faraway look as he regales with tales of derring-do in far off lands, and astonishing tales of just how he came by that African ceremonial mask or how to solve this ancient Chinese puzzle box. So next time you're in town drop by Pet Society's latest new resident's store; you're sure to enjoy your visit!

When you click him, a message appears:

  • Do feel free to take a look around! Guaranteed the most exotic, fascinating and useful items, not available anywhere else!