Pet Society Wiki

Races are found in the Stadium. You are allowed 10 races everyday. First place gives you 300 coins and 20 paw points. Second place gives you 10 paw points. And Third place gives you 5 paw points.

Practice races are just like regular races, except there are no daily limits or monetary prizes (with the exception of banana peel coins).

Tips and tricks

  • It is faster to remove bananas (via clicking) than jumping them, also removing bananas from the opponents gives you more speed and sometimes gives coins.
  • You must remove bananas if there are two in a row, as your pet will slip on the second one even if it jumps the first one.
  • If you can remove the opponents bananas after they have jumped them, jumping slows them down.
  • You can try removing the bananas of the opponent who has no chance of gaining on you.
  • If you fall in a water pit, jump to get out. (don't do this if there are obstacles very near after the pit).
  • Always use the dash when its green except the last one. It's more beneficial to hit it asap to gain speed quickly and enabling you to possibly pass an opponent at the last second.
  • The dash turns green around the second step of your pet.
  • The GO signal starts around the 6th to 6 1/2th head bob of your pet. Try counting 1 thousand 2 thousand 3 thousand 4 thousand 5 thousand 6 thou GO!!!
  • IGNORE your opponents and concentrate on your own pet.
  • If your pet's color is near the orange color of the race track, wear something that is very contrasting so it is easy to concentrate.
  • Try turning off the sound effects. It may be easier to concentrate on winning the race.
  • If you are good enough, no need to waste cash coins to buy the big wheel or the treadmill from the cash shop.
  • There is roughly a 30% chance a banana peel will yield a coin

Running Speed Formula

When running, there is a small formula used to determine how fast a pet moves. "0" is the normal maximum running speed for a pet.

All altered stats are temporary, they return to normal after a small amount of time. Also note: the normal maximum running speed is different depending on the pet's health.

Event Speed
Maximum Running Speed 0
Jumping -1
Running in Water -2
Red Speed Pad +1
Yellow Speed Pad +2
Green Speed Pad +3
Slipping on a banana peel -5
Failing to jump over a hurdle -5