Furniture Store Owner

In-game description:

The popular Preston is the first to admit that it was entirely an accident that he displayed three items on the shelves of the village furniture store in the wrong boxes. In his own words, he only realised his mistake after all three boxes had been sold.

So when all three customers returned that afternoon, each with a box under their arm, Preston braced himself for their complaints. But the customers hadn't come to complain. They'd come to buy more of these 'mystery boxes'. See, when they each opened up their boxes and found something completely unexpected, they were so pleased with what they found they just had to come back and try again to see what they might find next.

Even though Preston tried to protest that it had all been a huge mistake, word soon got out about the amazing new Mystery Boxes and before long pets were queuing around the village to try one for themselves.

Preston at store

Preston at Furniture Store