This article is about the item Poo. For information about how to make your pet Poo, see the Pooping article.

Poo is the most common type of poop created by your pet. It is animated and jiggles up and down.

You can have a maximum of 99 poos in your inventory. If you have three or more Poos in your inventory, your pet will stop pooping Poo. They can still poo other types.

To learn how to make your pet poo, or to see all types of Poo available in the game, see the Pooping article.

Warning: Is very easy to get rid of a poo by mistake. If you click on your poo, it will disappear and you will get one coin. The only way to handle the poo is to open your chest and grab the poo or move it around or gift it.

Item Summary

  • Cost: Cannot be bought.
  • Sells for: 1 coin
  • Recycle: 8 points
  • Giftable?: Yes
  • Added: When Pet Society started.