We want to inform everyone in our community that as of June 14th, Pet Society will be retiring on Facebook.
We know that you may be disappointed by this. Retiring games is never easy, we hope you've enjoyed playing Pet Society as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you to all of our passionate and dedicated players for supporting Pet Society. We hope to see you in some of our other titles on Facebook and other platforms.


What is happening to Pet Society on Facebook?
On June 14th Pet Society will be retiring on Facebook which means the game will no longer be available for play.

Why is Pet Society being retired?
We had to make the difficult decision to close down Pet Society so we can reallocate development resources to other titles that we hope you’ll have just as much fun playing. We hope you have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of the games and we thank you for everything you've added to the community.

When will Pet Society be retired and no longer available for play?
As of June 14th, Pet Society on Facebook will no longer be available to play.

Who will this affect?
Players of Pet Society

What can I play now?
EA offers a variety of other fun and free games for you to try. As valued players, we plan on offering you something to show our appreciation. Over the next few days, keep an eye on this post where we’ll announce a special offer to thank you for playing our game.

What if I have an existing balance of Pet Society Cash in Pet Society on Facebook?
Players are encouraged to spend their remaining balance of Pet Society Cash in Pet Society before the game is retired on June 14th. As of that date, any remaining Pet Society Cash left in the game will be invalid.

What if I have a Playfish cash card I have not redeemed?
Players are encouraged to redeem and spend their Playfish cash cards before the game is retired on June 14th. After that date, you will need to contact customer service regarding your Playfish cash cards.
Please go to and select Contact Us to contact Customer Service.

What will happen to the forums for Pet Society?
The forums will be officially closed and taken offline on June 14th


  • While Pet Society was scheduled to close on June 14, 2013, Pet Society was shut down on June 17, 2013, due to popular demand.
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