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The Outdoor Store, fomerly known as the Garden Store, is a store where players can buy different seeds for a pet's garden, decorative outdoor-themed items, house plants, pots, fishing related items such as aquariums, and petlings.

The store is sub-divided into four departments:

  • Gardening : Seeds and Special Playfish cash items are found here.
  • Furniture : decorative furniture and out-door themed items are found here, along with fences and pots.
  • Petlings : Petlings and accessories are found here.
  • Fish : Aquariums and Fish Biscuits are found here.

Store Owner

The owner of the Garden Store is Mrs. Appleblossom.


The Outdoor Store was introduced to Pet Society on June 8, 2009 along with the new garden feature. On 5th March 2010, Playfish changed the makeover of all the stores. The Outdoor Store is the only place which still has the same photo of a garden except for the door and the trees.

Outdoor Store Items

For a listing of items that used to be in the Outdoor Store but are no longer sold in stores, see Category:Old Garden Store Items.

Gardening Section

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Furniture Section

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Petlings Section


For a list of all possible petlings in the game, see the Petlings page.

Petling Accessories

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Petling Food

Fish Section