Pets town 2011 feb
The Neighborhood is the main navigation page outside of a pet's home.

This is where you can see and visit all of the various stores and special sections of Pet Society. You can also visit your friends and see the outside of their houses this way.


Current Stores

There are ten shops currently on the map.

  • The Boutique -- This store sells Playfish Cash items.
  • The Cafe -- This store sells Cafe-themed foods and some Kitchen items. You can also visit random pets here.
  • The Clothing Shop -- This store sells clothing and wigs.
  • The D.I.Y. Shop -- This store sells wallpapers, floors, doors, windows, and lighting items.
  • The Food Store -- This store sells food.
  • The Furniture Store -- This store sells furniture.
  • The Market -- This store sells miscellaneous items like plushies and cars.
  • The Mystery Shop -- This store sells mystery boxes, mystery eggs and glow-in-the-dark items.
  • The Outdoor Store (previously the Garden Store) -- This store sells seeds, secret rooms, garden furniture and pots.
  • The Stylist -- This store is where you can change your pet's appearance, gender and name.

Removed Stores

These stores have been either removed from the game or have been renamed and changed substantially from what they were.

  • The Bank (removed as Playfish enables player to purchase PSC directly by clicking button below the PSC counter)
  • The Cash Shop (renamed into The Boutique)
  • The Gadget Shop (merged into The Market)
  • The Luxury Store (merged into The Market)

Other Locations

These locations have mini-games in Pet Society.

  • Pond -- This is where your pet can fish.
  • Stadium -- This is where your pet can run races and bet on other races.
  • Treasure Map -- This leads to a larger map where your pet can choose a location to dig for treasure.

Current Map

The neighborhood page as of February 17, 2010. Pets town 2011 feb


The look of the page has changed dramatically over the life of the game as new shops have been added and new features have been unveiled. The most recent change has been the shift known as "Pets Town." Your pet can once again walk around the neighborhood and visit friends' houses, shake trees, and visit stores. This is a return to how the game was when it was first introduced, but this time there are more shops, new graphics, and you can customize the outside of your house. This map also introduced the Mayor's house.

Past Map Versions