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The Mystery Shop is a store which sells "mysterious items," including:
  • Glow in the Dark items - decorative objects which "glow" when a light switch is placed in the room and turned off
  • Mystery Eggs - Random egg which contains either clothing or decorative items.
  • Mystery Boxes - Boxes which contain one random item of clothing, decorative items, or other Mystery Boxes.
  • Win or Lose Boxes - Random box in the same style as Mystery Boxes, but with a large chance to get hit by a pie instead of gaining an object.


The owner of the Mystery Shop is "?".

The Owner of the Mystery Shop, "?"

No one knows his name, so he is referred to either as the Mystery Shopkeeper, or simply "?".

The story of how this store and the owner appeared, according to the Pet Society blog, is below:

"The appearance of "?"'s Mystery Store, like most things associated with it, was shrouded in mystery. According to residents, it just simply appeared overnight, with no fanfare, announcement or explanation. While several pets were in the area at the time -- Perry was taking a delivery of caramel syrup and gravy, and Mr. Shuttleworth was seen hurrying away from some bins which had been loudly knocked over -- none saw the Mystery Store being built, nor its mysterious owner, "?".
By morning a crowd of pets had gathered around the mysterious store, clamouring for a glimpse inside while not daring to enter. Preston, who had been watching from his furniture shop, eventually wandered over and walked on in, puzzled at what all the fuss was about. He emerged soon after, holding a signed agreement for the Mystery Store to sell Prestons Mystery Boxes for him. The details of the deal are unknown, but it has been noted that 'Preston' receives large regular deliveries of chocolate of late.'"


The Mystery Shop was introduced to Pet Society on March 16, 2009. Previously, Mystery Boxes were located in what is now the Furniture Store, and Mystery Egg machines did not yet exist.

This shop has gone through several transformations as Playfish has changed the graphics of the game. Versions of the Mystery Store are seen below.

Mystery Shop Items

The shop is divided into two sections: Mystery Boxes & Eggs, and Glow in the Dark. Newly arrived items will appear in the Mystery Boxes & Eggs section for a week, and then will be moved to their respective categories.

To view items that are no longer in the Mystery Store, see Category:Old Mystery Store Items.

OWO / Last Week in Stores items (please update weekly)

Mystery Boxes & Eggs

Mystery Boxes
Mystery Eggs

Glow in the Dark Items

Note -- the Mystery Shop does not sell every Glow in the Dark item in the game - many are sold in other shops or are available through random boxes or eggs. See Glow in the Dark Items for a listing of all these items.

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