MySpace is a social networking website. It is immediate owner, Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation. MySpace is a bit similar to Facebook and was released 2002, whil
e Facebook 2003. Users can play games, edit their profile and add famous peoples. Unlike Facebook, MySpace's notifications come in like an inbox and are not like a click to see notifications. Also, users cannot make groups and no multiple status updates although have moods. Every user who are registered will have Tom Anderson (President Of MySpace) as a friend. Myspace is overtaken internationally by its main competitor, Facebook, in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors.

Pet Society In MySpace

Pet Society in Myspace is an unoffical application. Less people play in MySpace than Facebook. All the things are changed for every 2 months on the same new item and the same TWS (which is available for the next 2 months). It is considered as a history of Pet Society. The only advantage players get is that you can give a free 50 coins (not from you) to your friends, and you get 50 coins.For up to 8 friends, players can do this everyday and get 400 coins per day. Playfish will not maintain Pet Society In MySpace. It can be also played in Facebook and Bebo. Also to warn that the articles in Petpedia are things from Facebook.

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