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The Mayor's Lost Animals Quest is a mini game you can play once a day when your pet is visiting the Neighborhood Page. Completing the quest will award you a completion reward (the item may change from time to time) and 30 coins for each animal found.

Most of the time, the completion reward has been a regular Mystery Box. However, Playfish has released several bonus rooms that are awarded when you collect all items in a set. Several of these set items have only been obtainable by completing this challenge.

This quest is reset each day at midnight, Playfish time. Playfish time is GMT, you can buy a special Playfish time clock that shows that time.

How to Play

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To play, first exit from your pet's home to the Neighborhood Page.

Click to walk your pet around the neighborhood. As you walk, you will be scanning the map for any of the four possible animals the mayor is looking for - a monkey, chick, bunny, or lamb. Animals will appear in random places on the map.

Once you have spotted an animal, just click on the animal to "find" it. An example of what the animal looks like on the neighborhood map is to the left. The animals are slighly animated to draw attention to them, though they still can be hard to see some times. You don't have to find all four animal types - any of these animals will do. Each time you find an animal, you will be awarded 30 coins .

The first time you click on an animal (during a day) , a dialogue box will appear telling you you've found an animal, and you won 30 coins for finding it. When you click on the last animal, the Mayor himself may run over to you and do a happy dance along with your pet (On some occasions, the Mayor does not come out and dance, but you still get the reward) . You will then be automatically awarded the completion prize. There's a problem after you finish. You stay frozen unless you go to another place


Below are some animals to look out for:

Tips for the Lost Animal Challenge

  • Once you have found all the animals in your map (there are normally at most 3 at a time), exit the map (enter another pet's home, enter a shop, or reload the game) , then return to the map again. New animals will be in the map. Find the rest of the animals until you complete the challenge.