Marvelous mystery box
The Marvelous Mystery Box is a Mystery Box that was sold at the Mystery Shop. The box contained items were removed from stores.

During the week of December 23, 2010 - January 2, 2011, several of these mystery boxes were given as a free holiday gift for logging in each day. Splendid Mystery Boxes and Magnificent Mystery Boxes were also awarded during this week.

Item Summary

  • Cost: 5 Playfish Cash
  • Sells for: 330 coins
  • Recycle: 660 points
  • Giftable?: Yes, at time of purchase only.
  • Added: 5 March 2010
  • Removed: Yes

Marvelous Mystery Box Items

There are 54 item slots, but only 53 items in this box. The Moon Rabbit Doll appears in the mystery panel twice. Below is a partial listing - two items are missing.

  1. Antique Cedar Door
  2. Art Deco Lamp
  3. Bali Dancer Headdress
  4. Bamboo Leaf Lamp
  5. Black Fire Helmet
  6. Bouquet With Fan Letter
  7. Bright Fanoos
  8. Classroom Chalkboard
  9. Colosseum View Window
  10. Cute Bookcase
  11. Dark Queen Bed
  12. Galo de Barcelos
  13. Gold Foil Door
  14. Gold Foil Window
  15. Gold Trimmed Bath Robe
  16. Gold Trimmed Eye Mask
  17. Green Marquee
  18. Jasmine Flower Decor
  19. Liberty Pet Crown
  20. Lucky Cat
  21. Luminous Brooklyn Bridge Vew Window
  22. Luminous Gothic Chandelier
  23. Luminous Pet Cinema Sign
  24. Luminous Sweetheart Makeup Table
  25. Makeup Assortmant Decor
  26. Midsummer Pole
  27. Mini Ben Clock
  28. Moon Rabbit Doll
  29. Napoleon Bear
  30. Petatlas Statue
  31. Pets Movie Poster
  32. Phonograph Decor
  33. Pink Daisy Crown
  34. Pink Earphone
  35. Pink Pet V Guitar
  36. Pink Sewing Machine Decor
  37. Pot O' Gold
  38. Potion Shelf Decor
  39. Premiere Night Wallpaper
  40. Premiere Red Rope
  41. Princess Garden Table
  42. Princess Swing Seat
  43. Red Phone Box
  44. Retro Card Decor
  45. Royal Cupboard
  46. Silver White Wig
  47. Starry Night Lamp
  48. Tree Stained Glass Panel
  49. Wau Bulan
  50. White Ceiling Fan
  51. Yellow Checkered Dining Table

Information regarding what is in this box comes from the following Playfish Forum thread by NoamTheFarmer:

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