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The Market is a store which sells plushies, food, clothing, vacation tickets, and other decorative objects. It is something of a catch-all store for miscellaneous objects. You can also find Collaborative items showcased here.

The store is sub-divided into four departments: 1) Toys & Collectable, 2) Party & Gift, 3) Cool Stuff and 4) Paw Mart.


The owner of the Market is Felicity.

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The Market was created on March 26, 2010 as one of several new shops that replaced the old style shops. The Market most closely resembles the old Luxury Store, and is run by the same owner, Felicity. It also contains many items from the old Gadget Shop, and has some overlap with items also found in the Mystery Shop.

Market Items

For a listing of items that used to be in the Market but are no longer sold in stores, see Old Market Items.

Toys & Collectable

( A listing of Dolls / Plushies found in the game can be found at the Category:Dolls page. )

Party & Gift

Cool Stuff

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