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The Lost Treasures is a Treasure Hunt location with that contains objects that are no longer in stores. Unlike the other locations, this spot changes its location randomly on the the larger treasure map. It will always be located somewhere around the same sandy area where Ancient Egypt is found.

This location uses Blue Shovels to dig, which cost Pet Society Cash. You get 5 free shovels each day.

There are no level or object requirements to visit this location.

Mini Map Example

Lost treasures minimap


Lost treasures minimap2

Some items that appeared in the Lost Treasures.

Unlike the other Treasure Hunt locations, there are no fixed items nor is there a puzzle piece item.

Instead, there are items that are no longer in stores. These items usually cost normal coins when they were in stores (although there are exceptions for flowers, which were or are grown from Pet Society Cash seeds); however, now to get them you need to either use your free Blue Shovels or pay for Pet Society Cash to get additional shovels. These objects change every 24 hours. There is a countdown timer to show you how much time is left before a new batch of items appears.

There is also an icon showing you which treasures you already have and a rotating list of treasures that can be dug up. Frustratingly, these objects are not actually named.

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