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While walking around Pet Society you may find Hideeni (also called The Great Hideeni and Hide and Seek Hideeni), a mysterious solid black animal in costume who claims to be an expert at Hide and Seek. He can be found in your house, in friends' houses, in the neighborhood or in shops. When you click on him, you have "found" him. Hideeni was introduced to Pet Society in October 2009. If you or your neighbors have a Hideeni Magnet,he'll always be around in the room it's in. The Hideeni Magnet is described as a black cat with blue eyes sitting a pink bow at the back of it's neck. There are hearts floating over it's head.

You can collect gifts from Hideeni from your Facebook news feed. These gifts cannot be gifted by standard gifting (sending it to a friend through your chest), but they can be recycled and sold. These items are best kept as either decoration or as a collection.

Finding Hideeni

Pickle discovers Hideeni in the neighborhood.

Hideeni is found all over the game! You can find him in the following places:

  • Houses: He can appear in a room in your house or rooms of friends who you are visiting. The only way to make him go away from the room is to either leave the room and come back, or click on him. Some players find it very annoying to discover him in their bedroom or bathroom. For people who don't want Hideeni to appear in specific rooms, they can purchase the Hideeni Repellent and place it in those rooms. For those who love Hideeni (or just want their friends to post lots of feeds), you can buy the Hideeni Magnet.
  • Shops: When scrolling through a shop, sometimes you will find him hanging out around the items!
  • Around the Neighborhood Page: You can see a little icon of Hideeni standing around this map. Sometimes it can be hard to tell him apart from your other friends.

After being found, Hideeni asks if you would like to give a gift to your friends. If you accept, Pet Society will post on your wall in Facebook. The posting of the gift is displayed in your news feed where your friends can see it and click the link to claim the gift. Be quick to find the post, as the gifts are exclusive to the first 3-5 people who click on the feed.

Note that even though you found Hideeni, you cannot get the special gift yourself -- you can only receive gifts from other friends' news feeds. Be generous and click post!

Sometimes you will have difficulty getting that last item in the collection Hideeni is giving out, or you just don't have enough friends posting gift links. For cases like this, you can buy the CC Hideeni Cake Bribe, a cake that you can feed to Hideeni. After eating the cake, Hideeni will directly give you one of his items as a gift.

Hideeni also appears when the Shops are loading.

Hideeni Costumes

If you love Hideeni's outfits, you can buy copies of each of his past costumes by buying Hideeni's Costume Mystery Boxes in the Mystery Shop.

Hideeni Trivia

Hideeni has a number of unique characteristics that separate him from the other neighborhood characters.

  • He is the only character that can change his location.
Hideeni loading in Mystery Shop.png
  • He is the only one to change clothes.
  • He is only one of two characters who are is black in color - the other one is the Mystery Shop owner, although is hooded so it's not known for sure what color he really is, or who he is. Could also be Hideeni
  • Along with the Mayor, he is the only other character who doesn't have a store and the only other character who gives free gifts to players.
  • You can bathe him. He will have no expression when you bathe him, and you will not get coins or paw points for doing this.
  • You can feed him. Strangely, his face disappears when you feed him and reappears when he finishes the food you fed him. The reason is, his color is dark black.
  • Hideeni's name originates from Houdini and hiding.

List of Hideeni Gifts

Start Date End Date Days Avail.

Gift Set Name

July 13, 2012

January 5, 2012

December 8, 2011

September 6, 2011

August 5, 2011

October 12, 2012

July 2012

January 4, 2012

December 7, 2011

September 5, 2011






Hideeni Scout Badges

Hideeni Russian Dolls

Hideeni Alphabet Block Bundles

Hideeni Baby Pumpkin

Hideeni Balloon Toys

June 24, 2011 August 4, 2011 -- Hideeni on Vacation!
May 13, 2011 June 23, 2011 40 Hideeni Bath Toys
Apr 14, 2011 May 12, 2011 29 Hideeni Easter Eggs (2011)
Feb 3, 2011 Apr 13, 2011 69 Hideeni Roses
Jan 20, 2011 Feb 2, 2011 15 Hideeni on Vacation!
Dec 9, 2010 Jan 19, 2011 42 Hideeni Snowflakes
Nov 4, 2010 Dec 8, 2010 35 Hideeni Gems
Oct 14, 2010 Nov 3, 2010 21 Hideeni Halloween Candy
Sep 9, 2010 Oct 13, 2010 35 Hideeni Fruit Plushies
Jul 29, 2010 Sep 8, 2010 42 Hideeni Shells
Jul 1, 2010 Jul 28, 2010 28 Hideeni on Vacation!
Jun 4, 2010 Jul 16, 2010 43 Hideeni World Cup Flags
Apr 23, 2010 Jun 3, 2010 43 Hideeni Galaxy Decor
Mar 12, 2010 Apr 22, 2010 42 Hideeni Easter Eggs (2010)
Feb 4, 2010 Mar 11, 2010 36 Hideeni Long-Stem Roses
Dec 11, 2009 Feb 3, 2010 55 Cute Reindeer Plushie
Nov 19, 2009 Dec 10, 2009 22 Cute Squirrel Plushie
Oct 23, 2009 Nov 18, 2009 27 Cute Puppy Plushie