Halloween Slimy Fish
Halloween slimy fish
Bait: Any food items
Sells For: 4
Recycles For: 30
Added: 30 September 2010
Removed: No

The Halloween Slimy Fish is a common type of fish that can be caught by fishing in the pond. It can be displayed using an aquarium.

This fish is listed as a Halloween Special for October of 2010. This implies that the fish will not be available after the Halloween season. It should be noted that while Playfish labeled another fish as limited (the TWS Tapefish), they still have not removed it from the pond. It is likely, but not guaranteed, that the Halloween Slimy Fish may be able to be caught longer than the holiday period. That being said, it is best to try catching it as soon as you can!

It sells for 4 coins and recycles for 30 recycle points. Like all fish, it cannot be gifted.

Because the Halloween Slimy Fish is a common fish, it can be caught using any type of food, whether purchased from the Food Store or using Homegrown food from the garden.

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