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The Current Furniture Store Logo

The Furniture Store supplies various tables, chairs, couches, beds, shelves and cabinets for your pets home.

It is sub-divided into three departments:

  • Living: has seating, tables, shelves, and miscellaneous decorative objects.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom: has fridges, kitchen gadgets, toilets, showers and cabinets.
  • Bedroom: has beds, dressers, side tables and rugs.


The owner of the Furniture Store is Preston.


The Furniture Store is one of the original stores in the game. It has also undergone several cosmetic changes.

Below is a gallery of previous Furniture store images:

Store Items

To view items that are no longer in the Furniture Store (either because they were TWS or are now retired), visit Old Furniture Store Items.


Kitchen & Bathroom

(Still under construction)