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The Food Store is a shop that sells most of the food available on Pet Society. Food replenishes your pet's health by a set percentage. Food from this store is also used for fishing and cooking.

For a list of all food in the game, see the Food Category. You can also see a list of old food that has been removed from the game at the Removed Food category.

The store is sub-divided into two sections: 1) Grocery and 2) Magic Foods.

Store Owner

The owner of the Food Store is Truffles.


Food Tips

  • If you want to get paw points fast buy a lot of 5 coin food and feed as many pets as you can.
  • If what you looking is to get a lot of health for a cheap price, the BBQ Mushroom has the best regeneration per coins in this shop.
  • Foods that cost more than 33 coins are recommended only for decoration or fishing as they give you a bad health point per cost ratio.


The food store is one of the few original shops from when the game first began. This store used to be divided into three sections, with a Petlings & Fish Food area. This was removed on 14 October 2010. This store has changed its appearance several times.

Food Store Items


Special Food Items

Uncategorized Food

Dairy Case

Junk Food Shelves

Ice Cream Case

Fruits & Vegetables Case

Cakes / Party Shelves

Meat Case

Magic Food

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