Pickle fishing

Pickles Fishing.

Fishing is a mini-game in Pet Society. By playing this mini game you can catch fish, which you can use to decorate your house in an aquarium. Fishing is also neccesary for Quests

How to Fish

To start fishing, you need to go to the Pond. Click on Leave House and you will see the the Pond in the lower right side of the Neighborhood area. Simply click it to enter.

Every pet automatically begins with a Twig Rod. It cannot be sold, gifted or recycled so you will always have a rod! Once you are in the Pond, the food you currently have in your inventory will be shown. Click on the food you wish to use as bait. If you do not currently have any food, head over to the Food Store to buy some for bait. Once your rod is baited, simply click on your pet to cast. When you receive a bite (you will be able to tell from your pets face changing with the surprise and a couple of splashes near the end of your line), click and hold on your pet to start reeling in.

If the fish struggles (which is shown by splashing at the end of your line), let go until it is calm again so that you don’t break your line! You can tell your line is breaking when it starts turning to a shade of red. Once the fish has stopped struggling, click and hold to being reeling in once again. Continue doing this until the line is reeled in! If your line breaks, your food will float away and you will have to try again with a new piece of food.

You never know what you could find in that pond, perhaps a Carp or Flounder, or maybe just an Old Boot or Bike Wheel! Just be aware that different baits may give you a better chance of catching that fish you are after, and some fish will only eat certain baits!

Fishing Tips & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you are looking for a new kind of fish, check out the HS or newly released food for sale. Chances are good they will catch a new kind of fish. People in the Playfish Forums are often quick to post results, so you can learn early on if these foods can catch new fish.

The Pro Fishing Gear (sold for Playfish Cash) is made of three pieces of clothing that can help you get the fish you want faster. If you have this set, it is very easy to max out all of the common fish, making it very easy to catch the newest fish or bait-specific fish.


Q: Do I get my bait back?

A: No, The food item you use as bait is eaten by the fish (or the fishing junk...hmmm) each time you cast your line. You will not get it back.

Q: How many of each fish / junk item can I have?

A: You can have a maximum of 5 fish of each type (ie, 5 Squid, 5 Shrimps, etc.). This number includes the fish you have in your inventory and in your aquariums. You can have up to 99 of each junk item. A fishing bait fish max is 20.

Q: What happens when I reach the maximum?

A: If you are fishing and catch a Squid when you already have 5 Squid, you will get a message telling you that you have too many fish of that type, and that you have thrown the fish back in the pond. You will lose your bait and you will not get the fish. However, if you are wearing the Pro Fishing Vest, you will never catch the fish beyond the maximum.

Q: How many Paw Points do I get?

A: You get 10 paw points for each item caught.

Types of Bait

Displaying Fish

You can store your fish either in your inventory or in your house in Aquariums. If you have too many fish or the tank is too small, some fish may jump out into your room, back into your inventory.

Playfish has also released the Coral Reef Wallpaper, which is sold for 20 Playfish Cash. By putting this wallpaper on your room, the room is turned into a large aquarium. There is also a coordinating floor which bubbles for 20 PFC.


When the fishing was first released, there was a bug that affects all fishing. The bug was that your pet would walk on water. This bug was fixed.

Common Fish

Common fish are fish that do not require special baits. They can be caught with any kind of food bait.

Decorative / Junk Items

Unlike fish which must be put in an aquarium, Decorative or Junk Items can be placed anywhere in your house. They are also caught with any type of bait.

Special Bait Fish

Some fish can only be caught by specific baits - they are listed below.

Pro Fish

These fish can only by caught when you wear the Pro Fishing Gear. They are listed below.

Specialty Baits

Playfish has released many special biscuit baits which will allow you to catch a specialized set of fish. You will not catch junk or common fish with these special baits. For example, if you fish with the Bakery Fish Bait you will only catch special Bakery Fish. Most of these baits cost Pet Society Cash, but a few are found by digging in Treasure Hunt locations or can be sent to friends through Free Gifts.

Bait Currently Available

Discontinued Baits

These baits are no longer available.

Pet Society Fishing Lists
Currently Available
Common Fish | Special Bait Fish | Fishing Junk | Pro Fishing Gear Fish | Fish Biscuit | Gummy Fish Candy | Treasure Bait | Five Elements Fish Bait
Bakery Fish Bait | Golden Fish Bait | Rainbow Fish Bait | Halloween Fish Biscuit (2009) | Halloween Fish Biscuit (2010) | Holiday Fish Biscuit (2009) | Holiday Fish Bait (2010) | Valentine Fish Biscuit (2010) | Easter Fish Biscuit (2010) | Snail Fish Bait | Ladybug Fish Bait | Bee Fish Bait