Playfish Cash
The Cash Shop is an old store introduced on 18 May 2009 and removed on 5 March 2010. This store is where you could buy Playfish Cash and Playfish Cash items. At the time, Playfish Cash items were only sold in this store.


After the Cash Shop was introduced, it stayed consistantly the same image until the graphics overhaul of 5th March 2010. On that day, the Cash Shop was given a new look. Weirdly, it was called "CASH" instead of "CASH SHOP". This name problem was fixed shortly thereafter when on the 26th March 2010, the Cash Shop was renamed to the Boutique, where playfish cash items are sold. Playfish cash presently can be bought on the top right side of the screen, under the amount of playfish cash you have. But after recent changes, playfish cash was changed into "Pet Society Cash" for game-specific money.

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