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The Boutique is the newest version of the old Cash Shop. Almost all of the items sold here require Pet Society Cash. The Nannybot is lumped in with these items because it requires a battery pack to run, which can only purchased with playfish cash. Many of the items in this store also appear in other stores.

The store is sub-divided into four departments:

  1. Featured Items
  2. For Your Pet
  3. For Your Home


The owner of the Boutique is Terrence. He was also the owner in this shop's previous Cash Shop stage.


When Playfish introduced Playfish Cash to the game in May 2009, they created the Cash Shop. This shop was transformed into the Boutique when Playfish changed the graphics of the game in March 2010. On 2011, Playfish changed Playfish Cash to Pet Society Cash.

The store used to be divided into three sections: 1) Amazing Items 2) Beautiful Items 3) WWF. This was changed on 20 January 2011 to the current format.

Different versions of the Boutique / Cash Shop are seen below.

Boutique Items

Featured Items

Glow In The Dark Week

Citrus Week

For Your Pet

For Your Home


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