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The Ball is a type of item your pet can use to play the ball mini-game. You get your first ball at Level 2 (the Basic Ball), and an upgrade to your ball at Level 7. Further upgrades are given every six levels after that. This ball and its upgrades are automatically given to you.

Playing ball can earn you a trophy by passing the ball a certain number of times.

  • Bronze level "Playing Softball" -- Pass the ball 15 times
  • Silver level "Playing Hardball" -- Pass the ball 30 times
  • Gold level "Pro Baller"-- Pass the ball 50 times


The objective of this game is to pass the ball by "bumping" it back to your pet like in volleyball.

To begin playing, drag the ball out of your chest and drop it on your pet. He / she will pick it up and the game will begin. Your pet throws the ball. With your mouse, click on the ball to bump it - the ball will return to your pet and they will then bump it back to you. If the ball falls on the ground, the game is over.

The longer the game goes and the more you click, the harder and faster your pet will throw. If the ball reaches the edge of your room, it will bounce off the wall and head back the other direction.

You will earn roughly one coin for every five clicks. You will also earn paw points that increase the longer you can keep going.